• Ardency Elite is an international eCommerce company based in Washington, USA, with a mission to connect people with the best experiences and products that enrich life's adventures. We celebrate and support daring, resilient people who want to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

    Here at Ardency Elite, we celebrate people, relationship, community, family, creator and environment. This defines our success. Our community members see opportunity rather than barriers, they embrace the unknown and face the world with a welcome and a smile. When you enter their space you will find it fragrant, when you hang out with them you'll find yourself collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs, exploring the mountain peaks and streams, visiting other countries and cultures, hanging out over coffee, entertaining guests or out for a bike ride on a pleasant afternoon.

    As an online eCommerce marketplace we keep our foot print small and overhead low so we can provide world class product delivery and customer service. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

    I am Orris...WELCOME aboard!!

Giving Back

Ardency Elite is proud to support small businesses in developing communities around the world. We work with the stellar folk at Kiva.org to lend a helping hand to entrepreneurs who do not have ready access to financial services normally taken for granted in "developed" countries. Please consider joining this vibrant, successful community that is making a meaningful, lasting difference in so many lives.

Join us.

Visit Kiva.org to lend a hand!