The Elan Quest Camping Pillow Story

The Elan Quest Camping Pillow Story

What is Elan Quest and what are we all about? 

Travel and Outdoor

Elan Quest, an Ardency Elite brand, was born out of a desire to experience the world in a more comfortable and refreshing way. We believe that immersing oneself in new cultures and environments is a great way to gain insight into the greater world around us. Thus, we offer a range of camping related supplies that you can also take on your travels, from backpacking gear to travel accessories, suited for making any journey into the unknown both comfortable and enjoyable. No matter what type of adventure you’re after - be it an immersive foray into nature or an escape to foreign lands - Elan Quest has what it takes to make your quest memorable.


Not satisfied with other camping and travel pillows 

For past trips, I made do with a rolled-up jacket for a pillow. The result was far from ideal; the jacket constantly came unraveled and left zipper and button impressions on my face. I eventually had to look for other solutions on the market, but most of them were either too bulky and oddly shaped or easily lost in airports and train stations. And none of them served well as a camping pillow. We like to keep our pack light and it would be great to have a lightweight travel pillow that was also a backpacking and camping pillow. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need to get a pillow for travel and a separate pillow for camping?


We also consulted with fellow backpackers and travelers who noted that many lightweight, backpacking pillows are too thin to provide adequate head support. Additionally, some of these pillows are filled with memory foam that emits unpleasant fumes and makes crackling, crunching noises that interfere with sleep.


Nothing seemed to fit my needs until I created the perfect travel pillow — one that is lightweight, adjustable, and secured so it doesn't get misplaced.


People, culture and adventure inspire the Elan Quest Camping Pillow

Elan Quest Backpacking Pillow



Presenting the Elan Quest Camping Pillow / Stuff Sack by Ardency Elite! Whether you're a traveler or an avid camper, this useful dual-functioning item can accommodate both packing and sleeping scenarios. Crafted with soft and smooth material that's quiet to the touch, it's easy to pack away when necessary. Easily stuff your jacket or warm layers inside the pillowcase to adjust thickness and firmness according to your preference.



So how do you use the Elan Quest Camping Pillow? 

Using this travel accessory is simple and straightforward. You can use it as both a stuff sack for organizing your backpack or suitcase, or you can use it as a pillow. Here's how:


How to Use the Elan Quest Camping Pillow Travel Pillow Stuff Sack


How you can get in touch with the Elan Quest brand? 

There are several ways you can connect with the Elan Quest brand. You can find out more on the ArdencyElite site to check out the Travel Pillow  or find us on instagram @elanquestfans. if you're a customer, we'd especially love to hear from you. So tag your photos and video posts with #elanquestfans to share your adventures with this great travel buddy. And for more direct contact, reach out at Elan Quest or Ardency Elite.


Summing it all up... 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Elan Quest Camping Pillow / Stuff Sack by Ardency Elite. This versatile and convenient item is perfect for travelers and campers alike. Made from soft and smooth material, it's easy to pack away and quiet to the touch. Easily adjust the thickness and firmness of the pillow to suit your personal preference. Buy now to take advantage of our special discounts.









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