The Duck Runner Story

The Duck Runner Story

What Started It All? How Duck Runner Wooden Push Toys Came to Be

This narrative begins like the best stories do: with an ordinary moment. We can all relate to a grandfather searching for a last-minute gift for his granddaughters while out shopping. However, this particular purchase - a toy - would ultimately have life-changing implications. Thanks to this grandfather's choice, thousands of kids - many of them now parents themselves - have benefitted from his decision and his story has become timeless.

For Daniel, seeing a wooden duck toy was not out of the ordinary. Back in Nampa, Idaho, several craftsmen made toys in their workshops. They created trucks, building blocks, and animals out of wood. But what caught Daniel’s attention was one particular toy that seemed to come alive the minute he first laid eyes on it.

Back then, it was called a walk-a-duck toy and it was a rather popular toy for kids. This caught Daniel’s interest and attention and, convinced that his granddaughter would love it, he bought one right away...without a second thought. For Daniel, there was something special about the little wooden duck duck. Maybe it was the slight waddle it made, the flapping feet, or just the overall appeal of a toy you can walk with. The girls loved it!


Bringing the Duck Runner Dream to Life


 A few years passed but the memories of how much fun his girls had with their duckies never faded. He'd gained such joy and delight he felt when he bought the toy and presented it to those sparkling, upturned faces, that he wanted to share with other families. That's when the idea hit him.

Though his girls love their walk-a-ducks back then, there was just something…something had to change. The original design and construction were nice but could be better. Daniel had a lot of time in his hands and a bandsaw which he'd make odds and ends for his home and for friends from time to time. With that experience in woodworking, Daniel was confident he could create a similar wooden duck toy that would be more fun for kids.

Daniel put a lot of time into developing his prototype. He spent at least a month refining the head, wings, and feet then painted on realistic details such as eyes, giving it a lifelike look he could be proud of. To complete the design, he swapped out traditional rubber elements for leather to give it an authentic feel that is also environmentally friendly. The result of all his work was something truly special that his granddaughters could have enjoyed and that would excite kids' imaginations. He achieved this goal: that of creating the Duck Runner Wooden Push Toy Duck.



They Love It!!



And wow! did kids love it! And so did parents!

Toddlers enjoy hours of fun and squeals of laughter while enjoying carefree, active play with this endearing toddler toy. They love the CUTE and COLORFUL, lifelike and lovable design.

Wooden Push Toy Duck Dark Green Toddler Toy

Parents love that they can give Duck Runner toddler toys on any occasion, to boys, girls, toddlers, and preschool kids. They love that this wooden wooden walking duck push toy embodies the stately Indian Runner Duck, introducing 18-month toddlers to 3-year-old kids to the wonders of our feathered friends like no other toddler push toy. They love that while playing with this cute duckie, toddlers develop balance and coordination by using both fine and gross motor skills. Parents also love that Duck Runners are safe and durable, are made in the USA of Premium Northwest Pinewood and odor-free, non-toxic materials and child-safe paints and finishes, are safe on hardwood, tile, linoleum, and come with a 6-month manufacturer's warranty.


The Dream Worked!

These kids and parents showed Daniel that this was something rewarding and heartwarming he could do "for a living". They showed him that, while other push toys may seem similar, they miss one thing – love. The Duck Runners he created for his great-granddaughters were built with so much love and care that love was instantly communicated upon receiving....something Daniel knew every kid deserves.

Fortunately for Daniel, a lot of people also saw his vision. To date, Daniel has sold thousands of Duck Runners, all handcrafted and painstakingly checked by Daniel himself. He still keeps his promise of ensuring every Duck Runner gets sold to a deserving child; and is in fact the same engaging wooden push toy seen at Broadmoor Hotel Resort in Colorado and Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in California for over 20 years.



We are Happy To Share The Duck Runner Wooden Push Toy With You


We are happy you took the time to stop by our blog to read this heartwarming story. Ardency Elite is happy to help Daniel share his passion with the world as the exclusive online reseller. The Duck Runner Wooden Push Toy Duck is designed for toddlers - 18 months to 3 years old kids - and might be the most entertaining toy your little one will ever own. It is constructed of solid wood with impeccable craftsmanship; has earned the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Children's Product Certificate of safety, exceeding applicable USA safety standards. Kids will enjoy countless hours of delightful play, developing healthy, active habits and you can buy a Duck Runner now on Amazon.  You may also be interested our blog post titled "7 Indoor Activities That Will Keep Your 2 Year Old Active And Joyful" and be sure to subscribe for more from this blog.


Happiness to you!!









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